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What is it that makes life worth living? For us at Pizza Pasta Please the answer is simple. Family. Friends. Laughter and the most important thing of all, love. Now this is exactly what we are all about. A family interaction, something we can all relate to, and to an extent, see ourselves in that same kitchen, with our own mum and dad or our own kids. This is the P3 DNA. Our fuel is our passion, and like true dreamers, our passion is relentless. We’re passionate about the food we make, the taste, smell and the smiles it brings to faces. The joy our meals brings, right from the moment you walk into our doors, to when you order your food exactly the way that you like it. Most of all, the joy of sharing a deliciously authentic meal with the people that you love the most.



Pizza and Pasta is only at the start of this journey and we’re so excited to see where we go. Pull up a chair at our table and join us at P3! Pizza Pasta Please, Fresh Fast and Made to order. 
Created by you, Made by us. #pizzaartist

Kiosk 1a 6-16 Kable St, Windsor NSW 2756, Australia

(02) 7228 9221

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